Saturday, January 28, 2006

Temperature Drop Before Whelping? Has it always worked for you?

The temperature drop was always reliable - but not this time

So, in 30 years of breeding dogs the temperature drop prior to whelping has worked everytime, without fail. In fact, it has been so reliable that when I was pregnant with my son I asked my obstetrician, "How would I know when the baby was going to be born?" He looked at me as if all my brains had failed and said, "You will feel labor pains, of course." No, thats not what I mean I said to him, "What are the signs like 24 hourse before, you know, like in dogs their temperature drops, 24 hours before and you know you are going to have puppies." I said this smoothly with a great deal of confidence, surely humans who were highly evolved had some efficient way of predicting imminent birth. He still had a strange look on his face and assured me that, "There is no such thing in people." I think he was glad when that appointment was over.

This time with Windy, and the litter of ten there was no temperature drop. All other signs of impending labor were in place, lack of appetite, a little bit of digging and sitting in the whelping box. A rather pensive look on her face. But her temperature was 101.4 the evening prior to whelping.

In checking with some other breeders, they also noted that the only time they had not had a temperature drop was in the case of an extra large litter. Is this a pattern? Has anyone else noticed this phenonma? Or, how accurate has the temperature drop proved for you in your breeding program?

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Anonymous said...

I am in a golden rescue. I do the whelping. Last time I had 12 pups and the temp dropped like a rock. Mom had to go to the bathroom every time I turned around.

I now have a another rescue golden she seems to have 7-8 goldens in her according to the xrays. So far her temp has not dropped.

Anonymous said...

We're at day 65 with no pups. Assuming its a large litter. Temperature has gone up and down from 98.5-100 the past 5 days!
today seems most imminent but temp is still at 99.3 The past 4 days
she didn't eat all day long then eats at dusk....
We'll see what happens tonight

Anonymous said...

Ihave a cocker spaniel. Last year she had a low temp. before she delivered. We are expecting her 2nd liter as of yesterday 7/12/08
I just took her temp(7/13/08-8:45pm) and it is @100.f. She is expecting a lg liter per her
x-ray. I will let you know what our results are when she gets closer.

Al said...

My dog temp has dropped to 98.9 do that mean she will have her puppies in the next 24 hours

Anonymous said...

Golden retriever 59 days past weekend her temp varied between 99 and 100 its mon and her temp dropped to 97.5 she is now in labor and will have her puppies soon. I took her xrays (I work at vet clinic) and she has at least 9 puppies :)