Saturday, February 11, 2006

Ch. Trumpet's Ticket to Ride, - Windy's Dad - Heads for the Big Apple

Bentley On The Move

Watch Westminster - You Might See A Relative

We all like to know that our relatives are successful. Well, the puppies already know that their Dad has a pretty sharp show record. But, their mom's dad is no slouch either. With a specialty already under his belt at a young age, he is ready for the big time this year with his first national campaign. His name is, Ch. Trumpet's Ticket to Ride, or Bentley, around the house. He will be shown at Westminster by his handler Wade Koistinen and is also accompanied by his breeder Beth Blankenship. Bentley can actually trace his heritage back twice to Ch. Foxfair Persuasive Friend, HOF, ROMX, BIS, BISS through his great, great grandmother the beautiful Ch. Windrifts High Society, HOF, ROMX, BIS, one of the top winning and producing Keeshond females of all time.

If you want to watch the Kees at Westminster, log onto There are 14 Keshonden entered, they will show on Monday at 9:30AM in ring 6. And of course, should Bentley win, or even if he doesn't, watch the show on USA Network on Monday night and cheer the Keeshond on in the Non-Sporting group. You might be rooting for a relative!

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