Thursday, February 09, 2006

Daddy - American & Canadian Champion Foxfair Excalibur, BISS

All About Andy - Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS

What is in a name? Well a lot when it comes to dogs. Andy is the call name or, what we call him around the house, of Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS. The Am. of course stands for American, the Can. for Canadian, and the Ch. for Champion. Andy earned his championship in both the United States and Canada. He earned his American Championship first. One big step in this process was winning a 5 pt. major - meaning a lot of dogs were competing - at the Keeshond Club of American National Specialty by going Winners Dog and Best of Winners and then First Select. He did this when he was three years old. This is a very big honor since only one of the over 50 male dogs from all over the country could earn this honor on that day. BISS, means Best in Specialty Show. A specialty show is for one breed only, in this case Keeshonds. Best means the dog that wins the whole show and earns Best of Breed. Andy did this at the very prestigous Keeshond Club of Delaware Valley Kennel Club Show when he was five years old.

If you have seen the Eukanuba Cup Dog Show on television, dogs have to be in the top twenty for their breed to be invited to the show. Andy was invited the year he was campaigned as a special and earned a top twenty award.

Enough about dogs shows. What is he like to live with? Andy has always been a special dog from early puppyhood. We took him to his first show when he was about 11 weeks old. He had been on lead only once or twice, but Jeannie took him in the ring and he gaited, trotted around and stood for examination like a pro. His first official dog show was the Buckeye Keeshond Club winter specialty held in conjunction with the Western Reserve Kennel Club Show in Cleveland, Ohio in December. It is huge, with 3,000 dogs of all breeds entered. We usually don't take puppies there but the timing was good and we thought he could handle it. Well he did. He walked in the ring showed great, and after the judging I looked around and he was asleep in his crate! The message for the weekend was, "The young prince goes to the dog show and finds it much to his liking."

Andy is an easy going dog, that does not bark much, loves other dogs - especially girls and likes to play in his yard. He likes marrow bones from the market, is not a big eater and likes going for rides in the car. He is the alpha dog here and basically the other all dogs all listen to him.

He has sired puppies in Ohio, California, and Washington State. Many of his boy puppies look like him and we have a girl puppy here named "Jill" who looks a lot like her dad. She also has his endearing easy going temperament and wonderful movement. Andy has had all of his health clearances including OFA hips Good, Stifles tight, CERF Eyes normal, Thyroid Normal, and HPT negative at 6 years. His next adventure will be when we begin training for his rally title this spring.

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