Thursday, February 02, 2006

Daisy and Her Darling Girls

Daisy Finds Love and Adventure in Newfoundland

Some of you may remember out earlier post about Daisy, the show girl who did not come into season for over a year. Thinking that motherhood was out of the picture for her we placed her with Allan and Ann Marie MacKenzie in Newfoundland. Allan drove down to pick her up, no small feat in itself. It is a three day trip from Newfoundland to Ohio.

No sooner did Allan get in the door at home than he looked down and Daisy was in season! Honest as he is Allan got on the phone and told me about it right away. He said he sure didn't want to bring her back as he had really bonded to her - and besides who wanted to make that drive again! Anyway, Allan said he wouldn't mind breeding her if we could find a suitable male on Newfoundland.

This could be a challenge. After a few phone calls I talked to my friend Maureen Clemmons and she told me, "Yes, in fact, one of the nicest Keeshonds in Canada lives in St. Johns, Newfoundland, he had a BIS but had only been used once by frozen since he was so isolated."
After checking out the pedigree of Can. Ch. Geluk Is Sir Mulligan, a royally bred fellow if there ever was one, we decided to get them together. We were in luck and the arrangements were made. After all the back and forth the breeding was a little late and AI but it did result in two beautiful puppy girls.

Daisy is being a great mom to the two little girls, Allan and Ann Marie are planning on keeping one and one may come back to Ohio to carry on Daisy's bloodline. It seems there may be more Keeshonds in the future on Newfoundland, it appears there is a significant waiting list. Not surprising when you think of it, what breed could be more perfect for Newfoundland than a gorgeous, nicely coated Keeshond?

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