Monday, February 27, 2006

Everything Is Times Two

We Do Things In A Big Way

It seems like with a litter this size eveything they do is doubled. At the age of 5 weeks they require two water bowls, two feeding dishes, double the amount of newspapers, double the amount of clean up time, double the amount of grooming, double the amount of toys and double the amount of attention.

Windy has accomodated herself easily to this situation. She spends double the amount of time with them that an average mother would
with a litter of five weeks. She has cut back on her food as they are now eating more on their own. But she is still concerned about their welfare and cleanliness. After they eat and are very messy, she cleans their little faces and then finishes off whatever is left in their bowl. That is her bonus for the day!

Which brings us to how much Gerbers Rice Baby Cereal we are consuming. One box lasts them for two feedings. The national supply of this stuff is in jeopardy. It is amazing, and dare I say irritating how many stores only carry the small boxes. While the puppies love this stuff, which is mixed with Karo Syrup, canned puppy food and evaporated milk, once they are done with it what is left hardens to a substance with the consisency of concrete. In fact, we have some cement cracks that need attention and I thought if we had any left over it might be useful for that.

Puppies are now playing with toys and each other, it is another stage in their development, more about this later.

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