Sunday, February 19, 2006

Music, Mozart and Puppies

Do We Hear Music?

Getting Used To Sounds

Creating a stimulating environment for puppies is one of the jobs of the breeder. With a litter of ten and a devoted mother the task of socialization with other dogs is fairly well on its way. But puppies need to be exposed to a number of things that they will experience in their new households. Being bound to their litter box and pen at their young age, we need to bring these experiences to them as best we can. Being handled daily is one way we can accomplish this.

Another way is to include music and radio in their environment. The puppies have a boom box nearby and we play a variety of music for them. Studies with students have shown that listening to Mozart before an exam can increase test scores. Well, these must be smart puppies because they already like Mozart! As puppies get older we will increase the variety of sounds until by the time they are 8 weeks old they will also appreciate country western music and hearing a variety of voices reporting the news and weather.

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