Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now We Are Five - Weeks That Is

At Five Weeks We Can Do Lots Of Things

The change between four and five weeks in a Keeshond puppy is quite dramatic. For one thing we have teeth. Their mom is not crazy about the teeth but teeth mean they can crunch solid food and pick up and carry toys. They can also bite and beat up on each other! I was treated the other day to the sight of Mark McGuire (the biggest puppy) dragging one of his hapless brothers across the pen. When I told him to stop, he looked up very innocently as if to say, "Who? Me?".

Yesterday at noon I put out four cups of puppy food, after their feeding of baby cereal, two hours later it was ALL GONE! Every bit, not a crumb left. They eat very well!

Other things we can do at five weeks are run and chase and turn on a dime. We also like to climb in Ryan's lap and give him kisses and then fall asleep. Sleeping is still a big pass time. We are also learning to pose for pictures as in the one above. This will be very usefull when we go to our new homes where everyone will want to take pictures of us. Because we are soooooo cute!

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