Sunday, February 12, 2006

Our World Gets Bigger - And We Take A Nap

Cuddled In A Corner

The Puppies Need More Space

Well, there are ten of them after all! As they have started walking and eating a little on their own, the puppies now need a place to sleep and to play and to go potty. It is their first day and they have only used their newspapers so far. Smart puppies!

Added to their whelping box is now an exercise pen with a special jump board for mom to come and go as she pleases. The puppies though can now see her all the time which means on this first day they have been a bit demanding. When it gets to be too much Windy just closes her eyes and goes to sleep or asks to be let out in the snow. I think I saw her smiling as she ran down the hallway to go out.

This has been a big first day - and puppies get tired very easily. In fact usually right after a meal the first thing they do is fall asleep. Now with all that space to play in, well in it is just down right exhausting - time for night, night.

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