Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Puppies Weigh In

Short Stop Takes A Nap On The Scale

From Whelping Box to Scale and Back Again

All puppies are weighed twice a day from birth until they weigh 1 pound. From that time on they are weighed daily. Short Stop being the smallest has the most experience with the scale because he was weighed three times a day. He is still weighed twice a day even though he has been over 1lb for some time. We just want to keep track of him since he has so many litter mates that could beat him out for lunch and dinner!

Weighing puppies helps monitor their growth but also gives them each the experience of being handled regularly from birth. Keeshond puppies generally gain 1lb a week. So at two weeks they weigh 1lb, three weeks 3lbs, five weeks 5lbs and so on until at eight weeks we look for them to weigh approximately 8lbs. Some may weigh a little more and others a little less. If the litter is large, as in the litter of ten, we will not expect all puppies to reach 8lbs by 8 weeks. However, they will make up for their slightly lower birth weights as time goes on.

We have known very small birth weight puppies who have grown up to be normal or even large adults.

Keeshonden are not judged by weight but there is a recommended height which is 17" for females and 18" for dogs. Since the standard says size should not outweigh type there is room on either side to accomodate a range of sizes. This helps the breed in general since breeders have options for meeting size requirements when planning their breeding program. In other words good Kees come in all sizes!

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