Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Walking, Talking and Tails Up in the Whelping Box

Two Weeks - And Puppies Begin to Explore the World Outside the Whelping Box

At just over two weeks the puppies can now see the outside world and guess what? They want to go exploring! Two little explorers are peeking over the edge of the whelping box. At this age the Keeshond babies can also walk - well, it is wobbly we will admit but they manage to teeter along on their little legs.

Nail Trimming and The Noises We Make

Their noises also change. Instead of the eeek, eeek, of newborn puppies they now have a much wider vocabulary. This ranges from outraged squeal when being held for nail trimming. Yes, you do have to trim their nails at least once a week. Lets see, 10 puppies times 4 nails for each foot, times 4 feet for each puppy, comes to 16 times 10 = 160 nails, per trim time. Well, no one said that breeding dogs is easy!

Back to noises, puppies also add an occasional bark at almost three weeks if they hear something that is not customary. It is their way of alerting everyone to something unusual. Of course, they still sleep a lot something all babies do.

Tails Begin to Curl

To this we can add the unique feature of the Keeshond tail. Dog people love to ask questions and one of the many questions people ask about Keeshonden is, "When do their tails being to curl."
I would always answer vaguely, "As young puppies". However, as the picture illustrates clearly their tails begin to curl at 2 weeks when they begin to walk. Eventually if all goes as planned these tails will close and flat to the back as required in the Keeshond standard. Since these of course are very good Keeshond babies we know they will follow the program!

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