Friday, February 24, 2006

We Love Our Toys

Puppies Love Playing With Toys and They Help Them Learn

The first toys that puppies get are soft berber fleece toys. These toys are light weight and they can get their teeth into them and carry them around. A little later they can also play with latex toys. Most of these toys also have squeekies in them and it is a lot of fun to see them discover the squeekies. Some of the puppies will repeatedly make them squeek, until it drives you a little nuts. Others could care less about the squeekies.

Another favorite toy is the cardboard box. This makes a little mess but the puppies enjoy dragging it around and hiding in it. Then of course the last thing is pulling it apart, they carry the pieces around proudly and fight over them.

Over the years I have discovered the absolute favorite toy of 8 week old puppies, and it is free.
You simply take an big old man's athletic sock, stuff it full of plastic bags from the grocery or crumpled newspaper and sew the end shut. It becomes rustling giant snake that the puppies can carry and every time they move it, it wiggles. Wow!! They just love it.

Next time we will talk about toys to avoid.

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