Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Foxfair Short Stop with his new owners Cindy and Tom will be called "Keppe"

The very best possible home for Short Stop arrived on Saturday morning to take him home. Cindy and Tom had a wonderful Keeshond that gave them many happy memories.

After two years of family losses and losing their Keeshond, Cindy saw her brother's new puppy and knew that she was now ready for a dog.
Cindy is at home with Keepe and meeting the demands of a new puppy in the house - what a job that is!

People that lose an older Keeshond understandably remember them most clearly as they were as adults. Puppy memories fade after ten or more years. So an energetic new puppy is not there to thwart you - they are just being puppies. Puppies have lots of energy but fortunately it doesn't usually last that long. After an hour or so of running and playing - puppies are played out - and they will lie down and go to sleep. If you see this happening to your puppy, pick them up and put them in their crate with a small biscuit and favorite chewie or toy. Before you know it peace will reign and the puppy will take a nap. A good time for you to take one too!!

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