Sunday, March 12, 2006

Grass Wouldn't Melt in My Mouth or What About Treats?

Pi Sampling The Grass In The Front Yard

Pi is the largest female in the litter. She is called Pi because she has the mathematical pi mark on her chest.

Here she is caught with grass that she has freshly ripped up. Digging the grass is another favorite passtime when in the pen. This is followed by running and playing with toys and each other.

We get many questions about treats for the dogs and puppies. The first thing to know about treats is that they should never comprise more than 10 per cent of your dogs diet. Treats include anything that is not puppy food or adult food. Treats mean food from the table, biscuits, food from your plate, left overs, etc.

Good treats are hard biscuits, puppy or adult, because they help clean teeth. These are made by Iams, Eukanuba, Mother Hubbard, and Purina. Look for all natural biscuits with no artificial dyes or sugar. Some good ingredients in biscuits are kelp, brewers yeast, garlic, liver, herbs, eggs, and yogurt.

Another treat that dogs like is a marrow bone or knuckle bone which can be purchased from the grocer and fed raw. We also supply pressed rawhide but always take it away when it gets too far gone.

Treats that we do not recommend for Keeshonden puppies or adults are GREENIES, pig ears, cow hoofs or colored rawhide that is not from the USA. These have all been known to cause problems in dogs.

To teach your puppy to take the treat nicely, hold the biscuit in your hand and make him wait, then say Nice! and let him take it slowly. Teaching this at a young age will prevent him from being grabby with treats later on.

Keeshonds also like a few pieces of sliced apples, carrots, or green beans. Yumm!

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