Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Keeshond - Are Companionable With Other Dogs

Puppies Playing Tug or Sharing A Toy?

Many years ago all dog shows were benched. Meaning that the dogs sat on wooden benches raised up a few feet off the ground. They were arranged in groups and alphabetically by breed. In this way, the public could easily find the breed they were looking for and speak to breeders.

The tale goes that Keeshonds were the only breed that could be benched without wooden paritions between them - they got along so well with each other and other dogs.

I remember the Harrisburg Kennel Club Show a few years ago, when Andy was a puppy in the 6-9 month puppy class. We were walking through the show area and a Komondor the size of a small pick-up truck, thought he might like to have Andy for lunch. He lunged and grabbed at him and Andy quickly stepped aside and gave him a look - as if to say - "What is wrong with you big fella?"

The Keeshond's first impulse is always to friendliness, to dogs, people and especially to children.
This is why Keeshonden make very good therapy dogs. We have place three puppies with psychologists and professional counselors. For these individuals the dogs serve as companions and therapy dogs when they go to work. When I have asked them how they train their dogs their reply is always the same. "We didn't have to train them, they just seem to know what to do."

After September 11th, when the rescue workers were so stressed out, being on the job for long hours in terrible conditions, therapy dogs were brought in just to sit with the rescue workers. Many of these dogs were Keeshonden and the workers were grateful just to sit and pet the dogs and the dogs would respond by licking their hands and their faces.

Something I often hear from Keeshond owners and people that have purchased puppies is that thier dogs bring them such joy every day - because they are so happy. Joy is something we all need in our lives, and it doesn't hurt to have you own furry example.

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