Saturday, March 04, 2006

Keesond Puppies Love People

Keeshond Puppies Playing With Ryan

My son has been playing with Keeshond puppies since he was three months old. He is now 23 and a college student, but he is still playing with Keeshond puppies, something I hope he will always do.

The puppies are naturally drawn to people. For safety's sake we ask children and adults to sit on the floor, as Ryan is doing in the picture, when they want to play with the puppies. Young puppies do not have a sense height and distance. They can easily jump from a sofa, chair, or someone's arms and injure themselves. To prevent accidents it is best to play with puppies on the floor.

Let Puppies Come to You

We also let puppies come to us as Ryan is doing. Their
natural curiosity will win over and they will explore people, climbing into their laps and nibbling on their fingers and toes. One favorite game that Ryan has with the puppies, is laying on the floor on his face. The puppies just rush at him jumping on his back and trying to lick his face and fingers. We will try and get a picture of this!

One game we do not encourage is tug of war. This is an agressive game that teaches puppies to pull and bite. This is the reason we don't buy or recommend tug toys. Soft toys are very good and puppies can easily play ball and retreive with soft toys. While Keeshonds are not usually natural retreivers they do like soft toys enjoy watching you throw them.

Play With Puppies Every Day

The ages of 4 weeks to 12 weeks are the primary socialization age for puppies. At this time they need at least 15 minutes of human interaction each day. We recommend at least one hour and who wouldn't want to give it to them? Playing with them is a lot of fun. And, of course, watching them play with each other is pretty entertaining also. Don't you think we should have a Puppy Channel on cable TV, just hours and hours of watching puppies play - I think it might be a hit!

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