Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our First Adventure Outside At Seven Weeks

Looking for the Neighbor

It was a warm 60 degrees today and just a little overcast so - the puppies had a big adventure today - they went outside for the first time! We have five acres of property here and their pen was set up so they could look down the meadow.

They were outfitted with toys, food dish and water bowls. Soon they had an admiring public in the form of our neigbors Russ and Jean, and their two grandchildren, and our friend Dave from next door.

We set up chairs around the puppies and then Ryan decided to take them for a stroll down the meadow. He usually takes all of the puppies in a litter for this walk, but he decided ten was too many to keep track of and so took them four at a time.

Even though it was fairly warm you still needed a jacket because of the breeze, and I was little concerned that they could get chilled. But the arctic angels stayed nice and toasty in their double coats. The Keeshond coat is called a double coat because it has a soft downy underlayer, think insulation, and long coarser guard coat. The guard coat sheds rain and snow, keeping the dogs warm even in inclement weather. The best way to judge the texture of an adult Keeshond coat is outdoor during rainy weather. The dogs with correct coat will look great, with one shake they are dry and marvelous. Those with soft textured coat will look wet and soggy - rather than drip dry!

As the afternoon came on we added a tarp to their pen in case they wanted to take a nap but they saved that for coming in the house. At this time of the evening they are usually running and chasing each other. Not this evening. They are quiet as mouse - tired puppies - in the house.

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