Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pictures of the Puppy Party and 10 Baseball Players

We Have A Puppy Party!

A good time was had by all, especially the puppies
who enjoyed the gaiting part best. Running up and down the kitchen, playing with toys and watching everyone make silly faces and noises.

It takes four people to hold on to this gang and even then we are fighting a losing battle!

Five puppies went to their new homes on Sunday,
and three more will go to new homes this Saturday. That will leave Pi and Red here, we will follow thier adventures and other Foxfair dogs as they explore the world of companions, showing, breeding and performance. The blog continues!

Top - Debbie Hodges - Bottom - Left - Debbie Loesser - Jeannie Buente - Co-Breeder - Debbie Lynch - Co-Breeder - Ryan Lynch - Photographer

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Anonymous said...

The picture was just adorable. I laughed when I saw in the background a vaccum cleaner sitting just behind the couch where all of the pups were being held. I think every kees owner has this set up.