Monday, March 06, 2006

Puppies At Six Weeks Are Very Curious

At Six Weeks Our Ears Are Up And Down

The desired shape of the Keeshond ear is the shape of ivy. This is wider at the base, though not too wide, and tapering to the tip. Laurel ears, which are long and thin are not desired. Ears should also be set high on the head, but not touching, and should not be too large. One way to measure this is to fold the ear forward, it should come to the corner of the eye. As puppies mature there will be times when the ear will cover the eye, before the head and back skull mature.

The written standards for all northern breeds of dogs calls for smaller, high set, upright ears. Why? Well, if you think about it, if a dog had ears like a hound and tried to sleep outside in the freezing weather, the ears would freeze. Upright ears are also mobile to catch many sounds and because they have good air circulation are not generally subject to the number of ear infections that drop eared dogs have.

At five weeks all Keeshond puppies have ears that are folded over. As they grow and mature the ears begin to come up. Sometimes for a short period they may have one ear up and ear down!
Generally, larger males or puppies with heavy coat and bone and will be the last puppies to have their ears come up. It was written in the Keeshond standard that to have an ear down as an adult is a major fault. As the breed has progressed over the years this is something that is rarely seen.

By watching your puppies ears you will be able to tell his mood. Ears pricked and forward he is at attention, ears sideways he is trying to figure out what is going on, ears down he may be worried, submissive or aftraid. Always encourage your puppy when he encounters something new and just him time to work it out. His self confidence will win through in the end.

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Keyhutch said...

Thanks so much for sharing the growth of this litter of pups. They are adorable and I'll miss them when they go to their forever homes. I have not had a kees pup for a long time but I am learning a lot and getting explanations for some of my rescue keesies behavior. I'd watch a kees puppy channel! Thanks again - I'm anxiously waiting for the next installment!