Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We Start To Say Goodbye - Puppy Party and More

At eight weeks the puppies change dramatically in thier behavior. They go from being happy to be with you in a group to wanting individual attention. It can be appreciated that providing this to ten puppies is a full-time job that is not always successful.

The first step toward a weekend when five of them will go their new homes they make a trip to their veterinarian for vaccinations and health check-ups. Dr. McKinney goes over each one checking hearts, stifles, hips, eyes, ears, teeth, and for the males - do they have all of their
equipment - they do. That we come home and get ready for the weekend.

Why I thought I could bathe ten puppies and make chicken a'la king for eight people, plus get the house ready, buy flowers, and groom the adult dogs - is beyond me - I must have had an attack of ambition and grandiosity that would make Donald Trump blush. Well, anyway it all got done.
Six of the puppies were bathed on Friday and Jeannie arrived Friday night. She had her dogs with her, which is usually not a problem, but said dogs and my dogs disagreed about something and decided to stage a barkathon. This did not do anything for her sleep. The situation was not helped by Ryan arriving from a St. Patricks Day Party at 4AM.

Next morning we got up and and Jeannie bathed the last four puppies, while I cooked up the lunch in the kitchen. Even though we were tired it was nice to use the new bath hookup that Ryan put together and spend some time with Jeannie. At noon people started to arrive.

Our puppy parties follow a farily set routine. We watch the puppies together, and then go over them one by one. We check their shoulder angulation, upper arm, point of shoulder, prosternum, body, length of loin, tailset, rear angulation, length of hock, pasterns, shape of feet, on the head we note expression, ear size and set, eye shape and color, muzzle and back skull. We also note overall balance and profile, temperament and reactions to new people and the setting. Then each puppy is photographed from the side and the front with a digital camera.

Puppies are moved individually. This is the fun part with people whooping, squeaking, dragging toys, rolling food and generally making fools of themselves to get the puppies to trot back and forth. Pretty soon the puppies get into the spirit of things and start to play and run, enjoying the toys and the attention.

This time we evaluated the males first and then had lunch. The menu was chicken a'la king with biscuits, fresh asparagus, tossed salad, and for dessert neopolitan sponge cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. After lunch we took on the four females. Of course people have different opinions about which puppy they would choose. In this litter all were spoken for so
everyone could be objective - in our own way!

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Lois Meszaros said...

I got through OK, Debbie, and enjoyed see the fuzzbutt puppies, and read your excellent advice. I will be happy to see your website when you get it up and running. I am particularly interested in seeing the development of your Eng. import. He looked so much like my Rebel (Racassius/Rugosa)..and i was looking forward to a more mature picture of him. Having seen your Friendly as a pup...and watching him over the years...and celebrating (too much) his win in Phoenix.... Anyway, I am not in the market for pups/dogs...I have a rescue ...and I am 74 so I live my doggie dreams by looking at the websites of those I knew from before...and the new ones out there. I believe I live vicariously through all of you these days. Thanks for answering my call for info...and put my name on your list to visit the website when you have it up and running.