Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When We Take A Tumble

Foxfair Diamond Girl (aka) "Sidney"
with proud new owners Ron and Dan

What Is In A Name: Well this name fit perfectly because not only is it a baseball themed litter but one of Sidney's new owners is a jeweler! We hear Sidney is adjusting well to her new home and has Ron and Dan wrapped around her little paws.

We got a call last week that one of the puppies, Rudy, took a tumble when chasing a ball across the rug. Everyone's best guess is that he caught a nail on the rug, which can happen even with short nails. So, Rudy came up touched his foot to the ground then picked it up and stood on three legs! EEEK. The concientious new owners called me and the emergency clinic. The plan was for crate rest for 1 hour. After the hour was up, Rudy, was walking. He was returned to crate for the rest of the night and was his bouncy self in the morning.

Even the best trained athletes can fall down and hurt themselves. This is also true with puppies. Keeshond puppies love to play and jump, and run, and spin, did I mention run and jump? These airs above the ground and just playing in general can result in a puppy falling when getting caught on a rug or just taking a bad turn.

If you puppy comes up limping or comes up three legged instead of four here is what you can do.
Check the leg that is hurting, does it appear broken or twisted. Broken legs are rare in Keeshond puppies but not impossible. If the puppy has stopped crying and is just holding the leg up, place the puppy in his or her crate, give it a chew toy but no food or water for an hour. After the hour is up let the puppy out of the crate and observe it's walk. If it still limping make an appointment with your veterinarian.

If your puppy keeps crying and seems uncomfortable seek veterinary attention immediatley.

To minimize spills keep your puppy's nails trimmed. Play on good surfaces with traction, not slippery surfaces like tile and hardwood. If you have slippery surfaces in your home you can minimize sliding by placing rubber backed throw rugs in strategic places. Your puppy is tough and can take a lot of physical activity - but try and make it controlled activity. Do not allow your puppy to jump off sofas or steps or from any high places. It is good to know that agility dogs do not start any training on jumps or weaves until they are 1 year old and thier bodies are mature.

Kindergarten pupppy class is a good place to learn activities that are fun and safe for your puppy.

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