Monday, April 24, 2006

The Perfect Score


The Buckeye Keeshond Club had it's first spring specialty in Columbus, Ohio this Saturday, April 22, 2006. The weather was perfect and the entry was large, over 70 Keeshond were entered in conformation and obedience classes. We will be writing about the specialty but first we want to talke about something else that was perfect at the show. Bonnie Burman and her Keeshond "Rex" scored a perfect 200 in Open B obedience.

For those of you who are not familiar with obedience training, Open B, is an advanced class that requires the dog to do long sits, and downs with handlers out of sight, heeling in a figure eight with no leash - perfectly straight sits and change of pace - still no leash, retrieving a dumbell over a high jump - no leash - and requires the dog to drop down mid-way to the handler when called.

EEK - this is college for your dog and you. Points are deducted when your dog does not change pace immediately, when he returns to you and is not perfectly straight, and for not staying exactly in heel position at all times. Rex was Number 1 Obedience Keeshond, Number 1 Non-Sporting Obedience Dog and Number 17 All-Breeds in 2005. Make no mistake this requires dedication, they work really hard.

How hard is it to get a perfect 200? Think a hole in one in golf, pitching a no hitter in baseball,
a perfect score in figure skating in the Olympics - and you will get the idea. Rex was also received the highest score of all dogs entered in any obedience class that day. Yep, he beat all the Golden Retreivers, and the Border Collies, every Sheltie and every Poodle.

Maybe this will inspire the rest of us Keeshond owners to get up off our lazy duffs and start training our very smart dogs!

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