Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What About Puppies and Bugs?

Riley, A Member of The Ten Puppy Litter, Enjoying Himself In His Yard

Puppies are curious and they often think that bugs are amusing toys, pets and/or food! If you watch your puppy you may see him or her follow an ant along the sidewalk or in the yard. All of a sudden - OOPS - the ant is GONE! Puppy has eaten the ant! UGH! The outcome of this adventure may be that the puppy gets his tounge bitten by the ant. In that case ant play will cease immediatley. As we have said Keeshonden are very smart!

A more serious scenario is when the bug game occurs with a bumblebee or other really serious stinging inscet. Puppies and dogs can get bitten on the foot when they inadvertently step on a bee, or on the ear or face when they are looking at the curious creature. Your dog will usually yelp when this happens. The first thing to do is examine where the sting occured, pull out the stinger and put ice on the sting. The ice or cold pack from the freezer (a pack of peas will do) will keep the inflammation from spreading. Keep the area iced for at least 40 minutes. If your dog or puppy experiences serious swelling or difficulty breathing get them to veterinarian immediatley.
Call your veterinarian and see if they recommend liquid Benadryl before you are on your way.
Keeping the lawn cut down to minimize dandelions will help discourage bees and keep your dogs safer during the summer.

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