Monday, July 31, 2006

Surounded by Ocean on Nantucket

Well, I am up here on Nantucket for a week, while Ryan is at home taking care of the dogs. There is a project we are working on - very secret - and also having some recreation. It might be fun to tell you about Nantucket while I am here.

If you have not been here you have probably heard about it, the beautiful rose covered cottages, the history of whaling, or perhaps the famous Nantucket baskets originally made by sailors on whale boats, when there were no whales in sight. Unlike many other places you hear about it is all true. My friend Bruce likes to describe Nantucket this way, "First star to the right and straight on till morning" quoting directly from Peter Pan, and he being very Pan like himself. It is a kind of fairy tale place where artists come to work and people dream about all year making plans to spend their summer vacations here.

It is a true island, 35 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean directly off the shore Cape Cod, Massachusetts. So the only way to get here is by air or boat. If you get seasick the latter is not recommended. So, I come by air,

The population swells to vast number during the summer, luckily, for Nantucket, it has people who stay here year round and tend to matters like historical presevation and conservancy land use. The majority of the island is in a land conservancy, something you can see from the air. Speaking of air, it's airport, Tom Nevers, is famous as the location for the comedy series, Wings. It still looks like that, though the restaurant is separate now, it is not much bigger. To give you an idea - there are no gates, just one. There is no baggage carousel, the luggage just slides on one of two shiny plywood planks that tilt in toward the baggage area.

The airport can land a regional jet, or a private jet, but most commonly has the 9 seater planes of Cape Air, where if you are brave and lucky, you can sit next to the pilot as he/she navigates the plane against the ocean breezes that cross the runway. This give you admiration for the pilot and/or makes you very glad to be on firm ground.

More later.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Robin and Murasaki Gliding Along in Houston

Robin and Star Kees To The Purple Born
Tripping the Light Fantastic in Houston

Every year there is a Keeshond specialty in Houston, Texas. This year Robin Stark, who has been breeding beautiful Keeshonds even long than myself, (we both started as children), decided to take her new hopeful - 18 month old Star Kees to the Purple Born, better known as Mr. Murasaki. Mr. Murasaki is a son of the very wonderful, Ch. Star Kees Pick Lilli and Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS.

Now, you might ask where did he get his name. Hmmm, Robin has a penchant for unusual names and this happens to be one of her tamer ones. However, his mother is owned by his co-breeder, Bernard Halliwell, and Bernard is fluent in many languages including, Japanese. Murasaki means purple in Japanese - thus, Mr. Murasaki.

Robin and he warmed up by winning RWD the first two days of the four day circuit. However, they finished strong by going WD on Saturday and Sunday and then to top it all off - they won Best Bred By Exhibitor in the Non Sporting Group. Robin says he is out of coat and she spent a lot of time trying to make 4 hairs into 40,000 - but very well done indeed!

Robin Stark, Jimmy Kranz and Mr. Mursaki share their home in Gilroy, California with other Keeshonds, a number of operatic tropical birds and a precious domestic porcine occupant - who honestly does not smell like one.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Playing Games That Teach

Gerry Plays Tickle The Tummy Vern Holds A Self Confident Puppy Girl

What does rolling a puppy over on its back and tickling it's tummy teach a young dog? Plenty, depending on it's place in the litter. This is a particularly useful game for dominant puppies who run up and demand instant attention or who rough up their littermates. By rolling the puppy over you are teaching him that you are the boss and the "head of the pack."

This can be quite a shock to a puppy that is used to having everything "their way".

Puppy behavior can also change dramatically just by leaving the litter. Once the puppy is alone the dominant puppy may become less so when it faced with a new environment and no one to lean on. The submissive puppy who has been bullied by dominant littermates may become much more confident and outgoing when it learns that he/she can get things done in world with out a bossy brother or sister.

As you can see by the look on the face of the puppy Vern Brewer is holding, this is a puppy that is used to being held - well socialized - she just is surveying the world from her perch high above the crowd - and her littermates. Daily socialization, being held and experiencing different parts of the house and yard are what lead to this self confident behavior.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday With Puppies at Beautiful Keedox Kennel in Bucyrus, Ohio

Gorgeous, Male Puppy from Litter by
Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, x Keedox Kitty Hawk, (WB KCA National Specialty, 2005)

What a fun day we had! Vern and Gerry Brewer hosted a get together in honor of their 7 week old litter of six puppies, 4 boys and two girls. A beautiful day with high clouds and the Brewers yard full of daylillies and other perennials in bloom. Did you know you can make a salad of daylillies, just like nasturtiums?

Jeanne Buente, Mary Beeman, Debbie and Mark Loesser and Debbie Lynch all had fun playing with the puppies - and chasing the puppies! This litter is one of the few times that two dogs who were Winners Dog (Andy KCA Ntl. 2002) and Winner Bitch at the National Specialty (Kitty KCA Ntl. 2005) were bred together! It was a very nice litter. Even though it is not a line breedings the puppies were very consistent in type, size and markings.

Excellent structure was evident throughout the litter, silver undercoats, excellent tail sets, nice bodies, and very good movement was found in all the puppies. At 7 weeks not all had their ears up, but some very nice typey heads as shown above were fairly consistent in the puppies. All had very friendly outgoing temperaments - and some really hammed it up for the camera. Others were, well lets just say they were wiggle worms on the table!

More pics to follow in coming days!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer Outings

Mickey Kadala Enjoying The View On The Potomac, "While resting on the marble, of course"

The summer heat wave has created a major challenge - have fun and stay cool! Planning outings for early morning or late evening are best, take a hike or a brisk walk.

Another way to have fun with your Keeshond in the summer is include water visits in your plans. Keeshonden love the water! You have to be careful because some will simply go crazy when they see it and jump right in. The first time one of our youngters saw a stream at the park - she just took off running, jumped in and was splashing around before we could do anything!

Keeshonden are also known at the Dutch Barge dog, and as such have an affinity for the water and boats. We know of many people who take their Keeshonden on their sail boat or motor boat with them. If they go in deepwater a life vest is added to the equipment.

If you have no water you can create your own fun. Just purchase a plastic wading pool from the local Wal Mart, fill it with cool water and watch your Keeshond splash around. For some you have to demonstate - but that is part of the fun!

If you are fortunate enough to live near the water you take your dog with you and have them pose so you can take a picture - just like Mickey!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Keeping Your Keeshond Cool

Foxfair Casey At the Bat - Keeping Cool

With their double coat Keeshonden are well insulated against the cold and some say also the heat, but all dogs can get over heated in the summer time. Many of our dogs enjoy air conditioning, but these dogs can really get overheated if they are not used to being outdoors in the heat.

Exercise your dog in the early morning and evening when the air is cooler. I'm not much for running but when I see someone running in the heat of the day - I think they should be hauled off and tossed into the nearest swimming pool. Yikes! Same goes for the dogs - no running and playing in the middle of the day. Puppies especially when they are with youngsters or other puppies do not know their limits and can easily give themselves heat stroke. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from heat stroke take its temperature and cool it down immediatley. A cold hose directed to the groin and underarms helps, or pack ice into these areas and cover with wet towels until the temperature returns to normal.

Shade and lots of cool water to drink are the best things to provide for dogs that are outside during the day. Our dogs enjoy being outside and they have access to lots of water and shade. But, if the temperature climbs past 85 degrees, they come in and get in front of a fan on the cool concrete. Older dogs should be put in air conditioning whenever possible.

The picture above shows Foxfair Casey at the Bat, cooling off on in the kitchen. Casey lives with his adored owner Cherie Lovett in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They enjoy walks in the woods behind their home and Casey like all Keeshonds enjoys the cool ceramic tile in the kitchen! Another favorite hangout is the marble hearth in front of the fireplace or the tile in the entry way. We even had a series of puppies that liked sleeping in the bathtub! No pics of that though!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Break

Sally, Scooter and Zarya Enjoying the Summer Evening at Aspen Hill - Planning for Rally Classes in the Fall

This picture was taken following a very nice dinner of shish ka bob on the grill and fresh blueberries for dessert, with Jeannie Buente, Doug Kepp and Sally Carr and their dogs. Zarya, (the smaller dog on the right) may look familiar to many of you - she is the mother of Foxfair Ride the Wind, Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, RN, Foxfair Valentina (5pts, one major), and she is pictured with her son, Foxfair Let it Ride, (14 points, one major). She is a grandmother to two litters - including Windy's ten puppy litter and her grandaughter, Foxfair Exclusively Yours, BISS. Now retired she lives at home with Sally Carr and Doug Kepp, and her son, Scooter.

It has been a wonderful summer, and not much time spent indoor so far - thus not much blogging - until we have been driven indoors from the heat. Spring and early summer was spent putting in our garden. We are hoping for a nice crop of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, eggplant and some miscellaneous vegetables that we are trying out - like okra.
We have had quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks and it has been hectic keeping up with the grass.

The Buckeye Keeshond Club held it's summer puppy match near Columbus, Ohio. That was a lot of fun. Ryan's puppy, Pi, won for best trick and also won the puppy race. He trains her about 15 to 20 minutes a day and she now does, sit, down, stay, stand, come, roll over, and her trick is jump into your arms!

Ryan and I will be going to Rally Novice class in the fall with Pi, and Andy. Rally Novice is the next step after basic obedience class. It is a lot of fun, you can talk to your dog in the ring, and each excercise is marked on a card on the course. I wonder how many of you could add the RN to your dog's name! If you complete the class and pass the course at three shows your dog can officially ad the Rally Title to it's name. ie: Foxfair Baseball N' Apple Pi, RN - how cool is that!

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