Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Keeping Your Keeshond Cool

Foxfair Casey At the Bat - Keeping Cool

With their double coat Keeshonden are well insulated against the cold and some say also the heat, but all dogs can get over heated in the summer time. Many of our dogs enjoy air conditioning, but these dogs can really get overheated if they are not used to being outdoors in the heat.

Exercise your dog in the early morning and evening when the air is cooler. I'm not much for running but when I see someone running in the heat of the day - I think they should be hauled off and tossed into the nearest swimming pool. Yikes! Same goes for the dogs - no running and playing in the middle of the day. Puppies especially when they are with youngsters or other puppies do not know their limits and can easily give themselves heat stroke. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from heat stroke take its temperature and cool it down immediatley. A cold hose directed to the groin and underarms helps, or pack ice into these areas and cover with wet towels until the temperature returns to normal.

Shade and lots of cool water to drink are the best things to provide for dogs that are outside during the day. Our dogs enjoy being outside and they have access to lots of water and shade. But, if the temperature climbs past 85 degrees, they come in and get in front of a fan on the cool concrete. Older dogs should be put in air conditioning whenever possible.

The picture above shows Foxfair Casey at the Bat, cooling off on in the kitchen. Casey lives with his adored owner Cherie Lovett in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They enjoy walks in the woods behind their home and Casey like all Keeshonds enjoys the cool ceramic tile in the kitchen! Another favorite hangout is the marble hearth in front of the fireplace or the tile in the entry way. We even had a series of puppies that liked sleeping in the bathtub! No pics of that though!

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