Monday, July 24, 2006

Playing Games That Teach

Gerry Plays Tickle The Tummy Vern Holds A Self Confident Puppy Girl

What does rolling a puppy over on its back and tickling it's tummy teach a young dog? Plenty, depending on it's place in the litter. This is a particularly useful game for dominant puppies who run up and demand instant attention or who rough up their littermates. By rolling the puppy over you are teaching him that you are the boss and the "head of the pack."

This can be quite a shock to a puppy that is used to having everything "their way".

Puppy behavior can also change dramatically just by leaving the litter. Once the puppy is alone the dominant puppy may become less so when it faced with a new environment and no one to lean on. The submissive puppy who has been bullied by dominant littermates may become much more confident and outgoing when it learns that he/she can get things done in world with out a bossy brother or sister.

As you can see by the look on the face of the puppy Vern Brewer is holding, this is a puppy that is used to being held - well socialized - she just is surveying the world from her perch high above the crowd - and her littermates. Daily socialization, being held and experiencing different parts of the house and yard are what lead to this self confident behavior.

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