Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Robin and Murasaki Gliding Along in Houston

Robin and Star Kees To The Purple Born
Tripping the Light Fantastic in Houston

Every year there is a Keeshond specialty in Houston, Texas. This year Robin Stark, who has been breeding beautiful Keeshonds even long than myself, (we both started as children), decided to take her new hopeful - 18 month old Star Kees to the Purple Born, better known as Mr. Murasaki. Mr. Murasaki is a son of the very wonderful, Ch. Star Kees Pick Lilli and Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS.

Now, you might ask where did he get his name. Hmmm, Robin has a penchant for unusual names and this happens to be one of her tamer ones. However, his mother is owned by his co-breeder, Bernard Halliwell, and Bernard is fluent in many languages including, Japanese. Murasaki means purple in Japanese - thus, Mr. Murasaki.

Robin and he warmed up by winning RWD the first two days of the four day circuit. However, they finished strong by going WD on Saturday and Sunday and then to top it all off - they won Best Bred By Exhibitor in the Non Sporting Group. Robin says he is out of coat and she spent a lot of time trying to make 4 hairs into 40,000 - but very well done indeed!

Robin Stark, Jimmy Kranz and Mr. Mursaki share their home in Gilroy, California with other Keeshonds, a number of operatic tropical birds and a precious domestic porcine occupant - who honestly does not smell like one.

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Anonymous said...

I'M impressed ... but then, I would be.

What I DIDN'T tell you was the pitiful and sad demise of my too cool cinch belt which I've proudly owned for at LEAST 30 years. I was in the ring and was fiddling around with it and didn't understand why it was "folded over" in a funky way. To my complete horror, there were squiggly pieces of elastic emerging which were rather reminiscent of tapeworms. My poor, serviceable and valuable belt bit the bullet in the middle of judging (no doubt why I lost WD - the judge had a very horrified expression on his face). Jackie Breazeale's set-up entourage all sat shiva while I had a tearful funeral at the show's garbage can. Damn! That red belt was a perfect orange-red which only a true Autumn such as moi can wear. After 50+ years of weighing 105 lbs, it's now official that I'm fat if I blew out my wonder belt.

I've forwarded on your blog to Bernard. Very cute site.


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