Monday, July 17, 2006

Summer Break

Sally, Scooter and Zarya Enjoying the Summer Evening at Aspen Hill - Planning for Rally Classes in the Fall

This picture was taken following a very nice dinner of shish ka bob on the grill and fresh blueberries for dessert, with Jeannie Buente, Doug Kepp and Sally Carr and their dogs. Zarya, (the smaller dog on the right) may look familiar to many of you - she is the mother of Foxfair Ride the Wind, Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, RN, Foxfair Valentina (5pts, one major), and she is pictured with her son, Foxfair Let it Ride, (14 points, one major). She is a grandmother to two litters - including Windy's ten puppy litter and her grandaughter, Foxfair Exclusively Yours, BISS. Now retired she lives at home with Sally Carr and Doug Kepp, and her son, Scooter.

It has been a wonderful summer, and not much time spent indoor so far - thus not much blogging - until we have been driven indoors from the heat. Spring and early summer was spent putting in our garden. We are hoping for a nice crop of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, squash, eggplant and some miscellaneous vegetables that we are trying out - like okra.
We have had quite a bit of rain in the last few weeks and it has been hectic keeping up with the grass.

The Buckeye Keeshond Club held it's summer puppy match near Columbus, Ohio. That was a lot of fun. Ryan's puppy, Pi, won for best trick and also won the puppy race. He trains her about 15 to 20 minutes a day and she now does, sit, down, stay, stand, come, roll over, and her trick is jump into your arms!

Ryan and I will be going to Rally Novice class in the fall with Pi, and Andy. Rally Novice is the next step after basic obedience class. It is a lot of fun, you can talk to your dog in the ring, and each excercise is marked on a card on the course. I wonder how many of you could add the RN to your dog's name! If you complete the class and pass the course at three shows your dog can officially ad the Rally Title to it's name. ie: Foxfair Baseball N' Apple Pi, RN - how cool is that!

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