Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer Outings

Mickey Kadala Enjoying The View On The Potomac, "While resting on the marble, of course"

The summer heat wave has created a major challenge - have fun and stay cool! Planning outings for early morning or late evening are best, take a hike or a brisk walk.

Another way to have fun with your Keeshond in the summer is include water visits in your plans. Keeshonden love the water! You have to be careful because some will simply go crazy when they see it and jump right in. The first time one of our youngters saw a stream at the park - she just took off running, jumped in and was splashing around before we could do anything!

Keeshonden are also known at the Dutch Barge dog, and as such have an affinity for the water and boats. We know of many people who take their Keeshonden on their sail boat or motor boat with them. If they go in deepwater a life vest is added to the equipment.

If you have no water you can create your own fun. Just purchase a plastic wading pool from the local Wal Mart, fill it with cool water and watch your Keeshond splash around. For some you have to demonstate - but that is part of the fun!

If you are fortunate enough to live near the water you take your dog with you and have them pose so you can take a picture - just like Mickey!

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