Monday, July 31, 2006

Surounded by Ocean on Nantucket

Well, I am up here on Nantucket for a week, while Ryan is at home taking care of the dogs. There is a project we are working on - very secret - and also having some recreation. It might be fun to tell you about Nantucket while I am here.

If you have not been here you have probably heard about it, the beautiful rose covered cottages, the history of whaling, or perhaps the famous Nantucket baskets originally made by sailors on whale boats, when there were no whales in sight. Unlike many other places you hear about it is all true. My friend Bruce likes to describe Nantucket this way, "First star to the right and straight on till morning" quoting directly from Peter Pan, and he being very Pan like himself. It is a kind of fairy tale place where artists come to work and people dream about all year making plans to spend their summer vacations here.

It is a true island, 35 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean directly off the shore Cape Cod, Massachusetts. So the only way to get here is by air or boat. If you get seasick the latter is not recommended. So, I come by air,

The population swells to vast number during the summer, luckily, for Nantucket, it has people who stay here year round and tend to matters like historical presevation and conservancy land use. The majority of the island is in a land conservancy, something you can see from the air. Speaking of air, it's airport, Tom Nevers, is famous as the location for the comedy series, Wings. It still looks like that, though the restaurant is separate now, it is not much bigger. To give you an idea - there are no gates, just one. There is no baggage carousel, the luggage just slides on one of two shiny plywood planks that tilt in toward the baggage area.

The airport can land a regional jet, or a private jet, but most commonly has the 9 seater planes of Cape Air, where if you are brave and lucky, you can sit next to the pilot as he/she navigates the plane against the ocean breezes that cross the runway. This give you admiration for the pilot and/or makes you very glad to be on firm ground.

More later.

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