Thursday, October 12, 2006

Julyn Silver Nutmeg and English Dog Shows

The Beautiful Julyn Silver Nutmeg

Julyn Silver Nutmeg was born August 13, 1994, she is the senior dam at Julyn, her sire is
Eng. Ch. Boreasvale Bargeboy and her dam is Levinkan Elmo's Fire of Julyn. She only had one littermate Julyn Dutch Treat, so I think this was a Jack and Jill litter (one male/one female).
Her sire was quite popular in England and produced 81 puppies, including the Eng. Ch. Stratus Midnight Legend and Eng. Ch. Gavimir Pink Pearl. As you can see from her pictures she has lovely sliver color, excellent bone and outline, and very feminie type.

Julyn Sivler Nutmeg had two litters which produced one Finnish and two English Champions. The first litter she was bred to Eng. Ch. Venway Rakker and produced seven puppies, 3 females and 4 males. This litter included Finnish Champion Julyn Jumanji and Julyn De Jure who won his puppy class at Crufts. Her second litter was sired by Boreasvale Barn Owl and produced 6 puppies, 4 females and two males, including Eng. Ch. Julyn Absolutely Fabulous.

The number of champions in English pedigrees is generally much smaller than comparable pedigrees in the United States. However, the system is England is completely different. Class dogs have to defeat Champions in England in order to earn any points. This combined with the small number of shows makes it very difficult to make up to champions from any but the very best dogs. And, as in the United States many dogs are not shown extensively due to other commitments by the owners.

Due to the high price of gasoline ($5.00 to $6.00 equivalent US) groups of dog owners travel to dog shows on a rented bus quite frequently. They leave very early in the morning, 4Am is not unusual, and don't return until late. This also makes traveling with extensive grooming equipment impractical. The atmosphere at their shows is much more casual than ours with the ring steward marking the book, so the judges can write notes for their critiques. Judging critiques are expected of all judges and they are published in the dog newspapers which appear on the newstands in mid week following the show. So, as a judge, when you point to a dog you should be ready to make a sensible comment about why!

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missinterpret_uk said...

It almost made me cry to see you have written the beautiful Julyn Silver Nutmeg ! I adored her from the first time I saw her,and when the breeder asked to use my dog ,Boreasvale BarnOwl on her ,I agreed and had a puppy from the litter.I still have Julyn Absolutely Fabulous,who looks just like her mum and is adored here.
I love your blog,the photos make me want to come on over and scoop up puppies and make a run for the plane,lol.Carole.