Sunday, December 31, 2006

Emma x Hardy Babies at 7 Weeks

Hardy puppy from his first litter - Lamont - Nightwind The Shadow Knows - by the Foxfair Import - Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Import x Nightwind Sillium, with Debbie Hodges going Best of Winners at just 9 mos. from the 9-12 puppy class for a 4pt major at the Buckeye Keeshond Specialty Weekend - Dec. 2006

Puppies from Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Imp. - Hardy and Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, RN - Emma - 2 boys - 3 girls


Breeding is about at lot of things, planning, hard work, sleepless nights, pedigrees, conformation, health and temperament. But, one thing that you dont hear much about is when all is said and done you also need a bit of luck. Instead of what you hoped for you can get the opposite. Well, in this case dreams did come true and the pixie dust was liberally sprinkeld on this litter. They are amazingly consistent and at seven weeks even Jeannie and I get them mixed up. After trimming the hair on their ears they have decided to come up and I expect they will all be up in a few days.
They have thick coats, very pretty silver color, a lot of bone, substance and size, and as you can see very pretty expressions. Their structure is also very consistent with nice fronts and rears, good tail sets. Of course temperament is number one. All are very sweet and friendly, and then there is Emma Lee Jr, who has been practicing agility and beating up on her brothers since she could walk. Hmm. Wonder what the future holds for her?

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