Sunday, January 07, 2007

Catalog Shopping For Your Dog

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Debbie Lynch

Yes, you can go to the big box store and look for the perfect sweater for your dog. But for real variety in color, size and style try on line or catalog shopping for your pet. On line stores carry toys, treats, grooming supplies, dryers, cages, sweaters, shampoo, leashes, collars, and every type of dog bowl and training aid you can imagine. They even have some items that you can’t imagine. Most on line suppliers will also mail you a catalog so you can get a clearer picture of the item. Shipping is usually fast and reasonable.

Some suppliers specialize in certain items. Also, if you have more than one dog or are planning a litter of puppies discounts are common for orders of multiple items. Multiple item discounts are generally not available at the retail stores, so this method of shopping is ideal for the multiple dog household.

Those who answer the phones at on line pet suppliers are often unusually knowledgeable about their goods and can answer a wide variety of questions. Here are some places to try for high quality items and good prices. – Will send a catalog, they also have some of the best prices for everyday
items, and are one of the easiest to shop on-line.

www.DrsFosterandSmith – The source features and internet pharmacy for your pets, they carry a great collection of dog beds, including special beds for your older dog, they will supply a catalog and also have a line of veterinary products and medications for all pets. - Will supply a catalog, excellent source of discount toys in volume for breeders and those with multiple pets, great source for grooming items, high quality scissors, brushes and shampoos for your pet. They also have fun items including pet costumes and unusual toys.

If you order your catalogs you should receive them in the mail in a few weeks and be ready to shop for your pets in the New Year!

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mike said...

very interesting, i never thought that dog has its special deal store. thanks for the information