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The DAP Diffuser for Calming Your Dog

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Calming Your Dog With Pheromones?

Debbie Lynch

Recently a friend of mine had a female with a new litter of puppies. The mother had increased protectiveness and sensitivity to her environment, along with stress related digestive problems. Among the things her veterinarian recommended was a DAP diffuser. Huh? A what? We asked. Well, it turns out that DAP stands for “dog appeasing pheromones” and the diffuser is just the gadget that disperses them into the air. Pheromones are the hormone that mother dogs emit when they have puppies. The pheromones have the ability to calm puppies and make them feel safe.

Researchers have discovered that dogs have the ability to respond to these calming pheromones throughout their life. Thus, the DAP diffuser, which looks like an air freshener plug in, sends the calming pheromones into the air. Units can be purchased for anywhere from $20.00 to $30.00 in major pet stores and is manufactured by the Farnam Company. One diffuser covers 650 square feet and last about 30 days.

The diffuser, however, is only one way to deliver the pheromones to your dog, It is also available in a collar and a spray which you can spray on a bandana and place on your dog. The literature on this product says it will significantly reduce barking, improve housebreaking and calm dogs during stressful events like thunderstorms. Those we have spoken with that tried it think it works for their dogs. Now, if we could only get one of these devices for people. Think of it, no more test anxiety, worrying about your weight and what about those taxes!

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