Sunday, January 07, 2007

More Emma x Hardy Babies

Boys Will Be Boys

Emerson Climbs Up For A View

On The Table

The Two Boys

Elliot Taking A Rest on Course

Debbie Loesser and Elliot

Emerson on the Table

Elliot and Emerson
(Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Import x Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, RN)
Which is which? Most of the Time I Can't Tell Them Apart

Jeannie can tell them apart and I can too when I really concentrate. As I was not doing apparently when I took these pictures. At any rate here they are in all their splendor. Two of the nicest male puppies I have seen in a long time. The table pictures are not the best as this is the first time they were on a table. It is better to see them on the ground outside where they really have their feet under them.

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