Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Dogs


All of the dogs love the snow, but Andy, really loves the snow. He likes to run around in it with his face in the snow, something like a furry snowplow.
Our weather here has been in the teens and less with the wind chill added, so even Keeshonden, experts at staying out in low tempertures need to be watched. I knew the other day though that I was worrying too much when Windy and Jill refused to come in, even knowing that when they do they get a biscuit.
This is one way to make sure that your dog comes reliably, always give a treat when you call him. Then even if you are without the biscuit you can still rely on a good recall.

Today the driveway was blown shut, it was plowed yesterday afternoon and by the time Ryan drove home from work, at 7PM it was level with over two feet of snow. Today, even though he has four wheel drive he got stuck at the end of the driveway. It was officially a blizzard with 2" inches falling per hour for the last twelve hours. Yikes!! Thankfully we have plenty of dog food, heat, and people comforts, though I think the dogs and the people are going to go a bit cabin crazy pretty soon.

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