Monday, March 26, 2007

Five Irish Elves for St. Patricks Day

Ch. Foxfair Valentina and her Five Little Ones

Valentinas puppies were born on March 14, 2007 in the morning! I think since we live in Alpaca country she has decided to adopt their ways and have babies in the morning. The only Keeshond mom we have had to do this consistently.

It was a good thing, however, since baby number one was the largest and got himself stuck with a sideways presentation. Too tricky for me and so up to our clinic, which is mercifully only 1/2 mile away. Dr. McKinney very skillfully repositioned and eased out baby number one. We went home and I called Bonnie Hronek to see if she would like some whelping experience, since she will be breeding her bitch later in the spring. Yup, she would. So Bonnie jumped in the car and arrived in my very wet driveway in the pouring rain just as we returned from the clinic.

Valentina then neatly delivered the rest of the puppies, with a 3 minute interval between each. The puppies were announced with Bonnie excitedly saying, "Here comes another one!!" Then she helped me tie off the cords. Ryan, who loves the puppies, but does not like the whelping process was working. He was simply delighted to come home and find it was all over with babies all lined up in a row and nursing! One of his friends told him how lucky he was that usually he got to be here when the puppies were born. He replied, "Are you kidding! It's the worst day of my life!."

The puppies were very uniform in size all weighing within an ounce of each other. Three girls and two boys. As you can see in the picture they are getting very fat and look like little bhuddas after they eat. Valentina is an excellent mother who runs to go out and zips right back to her babies. They look like they will have lovely coat and color. They were born the week of St. Patricks Day and so we have decided to go with a Celtic theme. What a surprise since as Pat used to say, "We are all Irish over here!"

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