Saturday, April 14, 2007

Five At Five Weeks

Babies in A Basket!

Here we are waiting for our pen to be cleaned and have our dinner. The help around here is sometimes too slow!

Ryan Has His Arms Full!

At five weeks old the puppies are eating their puppy formula, but mostly prefer mom. They do have teeth! They are also beginning to play with each other, although they are still a little wobbly on their feet. Tails are starting to come up over their backs and one clever little fellow already has his flat to his back. I will try and get a picture of this!

Their personalities are starting to emerge with some being very forward and others more observant. The girls are mainly tail wagging trouble makers! I think they are going to end up beating up on their brothers. We also introduce toys at this age but they are very entertained by each other at this point and play with us as well, trying to play with Ryans hat when he lays down and following feet!

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Keri said...

Oh! Look at the BELLIES! I'm dying from the cuteness.