Thursday, April 26, 2007

Six Weeks and We Are Playing With Toys

Nova plays with the puppies.

Nova is our 5 pound Pomeranian. At this age she can be the leader, but the Keeshond puppies already outweigh her by over a one pound. She makes up for it by being older, quicker and more agressive. At eight weeks the tables will turn and she will run for her life, if they all gang up on her!

Pink Girl

Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth!

This is Ashling, she is a very silver puppy and very naughty! Loves to pose and already comes to her name.

Green Girl and Red Boy - Whats Up?
More pictures?

This boy is very typey and cute, I wanted to get a profile picture of him, but somehow he just wouldn't pose for me!

Blue Girl and Green Girl - Just chilling out after a hard days play!

At six weeks the puppies are eating their puppy food but still getting some help from mom. She enjoys them still and plays with them when they are not sleeping.

Already paper trained I can play with them in the kitchen and they can run and play with their toys. One the favorites is a triangle that is soft and can be picked up. Another favorite is a purple latex dragon which now that they have discovered it squeaks, look out it is squeaking all the time! This weekend it should be nice outside and we plan to have the puppies out in the meadow for some exercise. I am looking forward to getting pictures of them in the sunshine.

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