Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We Like Visitors

Chris Visits With The Keeshond Puppies

We had a nice surprise this afternoon when my sister, Donna and Chris Shulman came by to see the puppies. Keeshond puppies are always very pleased to have visitors and they climbed all over everyone. Lots of wagging tails and kisses were handed out. Chris and Donna had just come from the saddlery, they both ride, western of course!

This is the age where socialization becomes very important so puppies are gradually exposed to a lot of things. Washing machine, dryer, vacumn, doors opening and closing, radio, music, other animals, the CAT! I will try and get a picture of this. Our cat Boots has raised many puppies. Even though he is older now he still will get down and play with them a bit. He has less tolerance for Keeshond puppy shenanigans than when he was younger, so they soon learn the most important lesson of all - RESPECT the CAT. Later we will share the Boots method of puppy respect training!

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percello said...

Debbie: I enjoy your website and visit often. All the puppy pictures are torturing my children who have been pleading with me to get a puppy. I stand firm and tell them "not just yet" as we already have two older pets. My first and only Keeshond, Puff, was an atypical rescue: a Designer's Inheritance son, he had been adopted by a family who could no longer care for him. Bonnie Hronek, Puff's breeder, was willing to take him back but suggested the family post to Keeshond Rescue instead of making the eight-hour drive to Ohio. That's how we adopted Puff. I have remained in contact with Bonnie over the years. Pickings are usually quite slim here during dog show season. We'll be lucky to see more than one Kees show up. Maybe I'll be lucky one year and the specialty will be held nearby. Until then, I visit your blog often and enjoy pictures of your furkids ;)