Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Boys are Beautiful Too!

What A Pretty Boy!

The picture above is of the largest male in this litter. He is looking pensive because I am outside the pen taking pictures. In his opinion I should either be in there with him or he should be cuddled in my lap! We had a lot of rain last week and the puppies had to play inside. However, after the very nice weekend and being out every day they have decided THAT is where they want to be! So this afternoon they were quite vocal about going outside to play. And play they did, running down the meadow with Ryan and then playing with their toys.

You will notice that the puppy pictured here has short line or dark thumb print on his forehead. Many breeders belive this is signals very attractive markings on the head as an adult. We tend to agree, especially in his case.

Lately we have been experiencing a flood of calls for girls. This happens from time to time, then followed by requests for boys only. In making a good match with a new home it is really the temperament of the puppy that is key. A family with a bunch of young boys is perfect for the athletic puppy that likes to rough house and play with toys. The older couple that would like a nice quiet dog to take for a walk is great match for the quiet puppy that doesn't like to get his feet dirty!

Sometimes people want what they are familiar with. If they have only had girls then they want another girl. The flip of that is the family that had a girl but now wants a boy so they don't compare the two dogs - knowing that each dog in unique and the new puppy should not be expected to live up to the past memories of a dear dog. Many people feel that males are sweeter and more devoted and that the females are more independent. The truth is that both make wonderful companions!

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Carol Tucker said...

Debbie, what a pretty face on that Boy and I love the other dogs and info as well. Big congratulations on all your many sucess...