Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cooper and Anita - A Medal Winning Weekend

Anita and Cooper Have a Wonderful Weekend Winning 3 Puppy Group I's

A Weekend Of Medals for Foxfair Puttin on the Ritz
(aka Cooper)

Anita Williams and Cooper have a reason to be proud, the judges comments on their cards from their weekend of International Show judging were really something to bust your buttons over!

The four judges Charles Bett, Canada, Jane Pero, USA, Lethia Bett, Canada, and Dave Simmons, USA were very consistent in their high marks for Cooper. Some of the comments are as follows:

Overall: Excellent Breed Type, Good proportions, Very nice breed type, excellent for age,
Short compact, Sturdy puppy dog.

Head: Lovely wedge shape, definite stop, excellent expression and spectacles.
Eyes: Dark brown and expressive, Ears: Small, high, small and well set, small, erect and high
set, small triangular
Front: Moderate shoulder angulation, Well laid back, Nice layback and return of upper arm.
Chest: Good foreshcest, Well ribbed, Deep lung and ribs, Moderately deep
Rear: Good rear angulation, Good, moderate, Balanced to front
Top Line: Sort, straight, Good topline for Breed, Level and short
Tail: Set high, Good Curl, Stunning Plume, High set, Well curled
Movement: Brisk, Clean and Sharp, Clean and Brisk

Cooper earned three Puppy Group First Places over the weekend. He is still a puppy but is growing up nicely and plans to make his breeder - Jeanne Buente and Debbie Lynch and his mom, Ch. Foxfair Impetuous, RN and his dad, Ch. Vandaban Wessex, Eng. Import - very proud indeed.

Anita reports that "Cooper did great all weekend. He didn't seem the slightest bit pooped out, although by the time we got to Best in Show there was so much bait on the ground, I couldn't keep him from going after it! Guess I should have given him some more ahead of time, (LOL)"

We are especially impressed by his very good stance on the platform! Posing for pictures with baby puppy dogs is not the easiest task in the world. It looks like Anita and Cooper have been hard at work in the training department!

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