Thursday, May 31, 2007

Keeshond Puppies Reunite in Michigan


Keeshond Puppies
Reunite in Michigan

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? Well, Mickey Kadala lives with his family in Maryland, but his brother is owned by Lisa's brother who lives in Michigan. As it happens Casey is owned by the Cherie another Michigan family and they all made arrangements to meet together and let the brothers reunite. They were born last year in the famous Ten Puppy, Baseball Litter. They are a handsome group of boys and their parents Andy and Windy are very proud of them.

Lisa says the boys were thrilled to see each other and ran and played together just like they did when they were puppies here at home.

Well their mom and dad did a repeat performance and we are expecting another litter with the same breeding this month. Their sister Pi stayed here at home and she is going to be the nanny. In the last year she has learned to sit, stay, down, jump, retrieve, frisbee catch and put the Canadian Geese back into the pond. Her show days are coming in the future. Here is a picture of Pi, who wishes she had been at the reunion too!

Foxfair American Pi

Rudy, Mickey and Casey's Sister

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