Friday, May 04, 2007

Playing in the Meadow

Ryan has his hands full!

Ryan in the meadow, puppies in the distance

Pi takes a breather from playing with the puppies - (If you look carefully there is one underneath her)

Here they come on the run!

Tounges are hanging out from playing with the football (blue object in center)

The Meadow

So, some people look at these pictures and ask - just where do you live anyway? We live in Burton, Ohio. This is a small town in Northeast Ohio known for its Amish population, Maple Sugar Festival and County Fair. We have four acres of property with two sides bordered by conservation land and very tall pine trees, most of it is in meadow. It is my job to keep it mowed in the summer - but it is really not a bad job! Our driveway is 600 feet long, so it is very private and no problem for the dogs with neighbors.

About Pi

Pi is the female that we kept from our ten puppy litter of baseball players last year. Ryan has taught her to retreive and here she is playing with the puppies. Her absolute favorite toy is the nerf football. This is because the bounce is very unpredictable and she likes to grab it after the first bounce. She is very good with the puppies and they like running after her as she does her long distance retrieves. Pretty soon everyone's tounge is hanging out!

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