Friday, June 01, 2007

Bodie and Bob - A Great Keeshond Combination

Bob Maier and Foxfair Easy Goer "Bodie", ONLY SIX MONTHS OLD pictured after winning thier Rally Novice A class at the Keeshond Club of America National Specialty

There are multiple copies of this picture on order so I guess it is okay to use the proof! I promised a story on Bob and Bodie so here it is. The Maier family, Bob, his wife Marie and daughter Tina purchased Bodie when he was about 10 weeks old. He was a pick of litter stud puppy from the breeding Mary Beeman did of Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS "Andy", and her Champion Klassics When Telling Secrets, "Gabby". He was a handsome sturdy puppy with a very pretty way of moving across the ground, and his dad's special easy going but lively temperament. So, I suggested the name of the famous Throughbred Race Horse and now popular stallion, Easy Goer.

Bob and his family have been involved in downhill ski racing with Bob being a ski instructor, so he was named Easy Goer and call named "Bodie" after the famous downhill racer Bodie Miller.
I believe that Bodie Miller was also a precocious talent and so it has been with his namesake. Bob entered Bodie in Kindergarten Puppy Training Class as all Foxfair puppies are required to do. From the first class they then went on to conformation training and then to Rally training. Bob noticed that Bodie was picking things up very rapidly and seemed to be at least as good if not better than his older classmates. That is when he got the idea to take him to the National Specialty.

To say that I was skeptical about such a young puppy being entered in performance and conformation at the national is an understatement. But Bob said that on their run through they scored a 91 and then did it again - more than enough to qualify. So off they went to their first KCA National Specialty. When Bob said watch this, and gave a hand signal for down to Bodie and he dropped from 15 feet away I knew that we not only had a precocious puppy but an excellent budding trainer in his owner. Concern vanished and I decided to root for them, and hope that the trip would be fun for both owner and puppy. From the happy smiles in the picture you can see that is exactly what happened.

Rally is a great sport for those new to training dogs and for the dogs themselves. It is very positive, the judge meets with the class and discusses the course. Unlike obedience it is informal, fun and instructive all at the same time. I started in dogs when obedience classes and competition were the only performance events in existence. We are now all encouraged about doing Rally - and we have Bob and Bodie to thank for leading the way! Keeshonden are very smart and YOU TOO CAN TRAIN AND COMPETE IN RALLY WITH YOUR KEES!

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