Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Grapes and Raisins Are Poisonous to Dogs

Grapes and Raisins Found To Be Toxic To Dogs

Our dogs live in the house with us, sleep on the bed and eat our food. We think they are just like us, yet, there are some things that we can tolerate that they cannot. Add to the list of those things - grapes and raisins. Recently the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has received more than 50 reports of dogs developing acute kidney failure after eathing grapes or raisins. The grapes and raisins were from a number of sources. Some were from grocery stores, others were home grown and the cases came from across the United States.

Dogs that were affected started vomiting within six hours of eating the fruit. Some of the dogs stopped eating, others had diarrhea. Blood test results were consistent and showed elevated levels of creatinine and BUN - measures of kidney function. Kidney failure was evident within 72 hours. Even dogs that received veterinary care had to be euthanized. Only half the dogs that received agressive veterinary treatment, IV fluids and medication recovered. The grapes and raisins were tested for pesticides, metals, and other toxicity but were negative. Fruits grown in private yards were confirmed by owners to be free of inseciticide and fertilizer.

All dog owners should keep the number of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline nearby in case any dog ingests a suspicous substance: ASPCA Poison Control Center Hotline: 888-426-4435 or use the web-site at www.apcc.aspca.org/

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