Saturday, June 02, 2007

A New Keeshond Champion in Newfoundland - Midnight Pride

Am. Ch. Foxfair Escapade, BISSW, "Daisy" daughter
Can. Ch. Midnight Pride wins Groups in Newfoundland!

Some of you may remember the story of our Daisy, she is the sister of Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, Andy. Daisy had irregular seasons and had only had one puppy a singleton male. She was five years old and had not been in season for over a year. We were thinking of finding her a nice home when this nice man Alan called. He was looking for companion to go hunting and fishing. Daisy was energetic and loved walks it seemed perfect.

Only one problem, Alan lived in Newfoundland!. I said, "Surely you don't want to come all this way for her, we live in Ohio?" He said, "No problem I am leaving tomorrow". Then Daisy suprised us all by coming in season right when she arrived in Newfoundland!. Must be the sea air!

Anyway, what to do? I called Maureen Clements and Glady Gates, they both said one of the nicest dogs in Canada lived on Newfoundland, but had not been used very much due the remote location. A mating was arranged with Can. Ch. Sir Mulligan owned by Charles Coady who is seen showing Daisy's daughter in the picture, his son is to his right and Anne Marie, Alan's wife is in the middle. Now the two families are friends, Daisy's daughter has her championship and in winning groups in Canada. All because Daisy went to Newfoundland - It all goes to show you - life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get! Andy and the Foxfair dogs send congratulations to everyone on Newfoundland and particularly to Daisy and her lovely daughter!

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Anonymous said...

Great story. My parents brought in the first ever Keeshond to Newfoundland back in the 70's from Holland if my memory serves me correct. He was even on Skipper and company back in 81 or 82. He was champion in numerous dog shows around the province at the time. I still believe the awards are upstairs. Nico, what a great dog!