Monday, June 11, 2007

Would You Like to See A Beautiful Keeshond Pupsicle?


Did anyone ever say that breeding dogs was easy? Well, if they did they were wrong! But as you can see above the effort is worth it. Jennifer, who lives in Nova Soctia, decided after consulting with her mentor Glady Gates, that they would like to breed their Champion bitch Ch. Seawind's Sunshine, Meisje, to Andy, Am. Can. Ch. Foxfair Excalibur, BISS. That would seem simple enough, except that Nova Scotia, is 1244.4 miles from Burton, Ohio, more or less. Driving time is approximately, 19.24 hours, not including rest stops, eating and sleeping.

Thus the decision was made to use frozen semen. Why not fresh cooled? Well because sometimes there is a hold up in customs. This is something that fresh cooled semen cannot tolerate, but frozen is okay in its chilly container. You guessed it! There was a 24 hour hold up, but the frozen Andy's stayed nice a cold in suspended animation. None of this is, of course, inexpensive. In addition to progesterone testing, frozen semen insertion, there is Canadian PAPERWORK! EEEK!

But love or in this case frozen love, conquers all. Jennifer took a picture with Meisje and true love
Andy, (in the frozen container), Jennifer has a sense of humor - which is vital to this process we have discovered. The result was wonderful - six puppies, four girls and two boys, born March 7, 2007, with the assitance of Jenifer and their official Nanny - Glady Gates. A beautiful litter of silver and black puppies, and the girl that Jennifer had been hoping for. Dreams really do come true!

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