Sunday, July 01, 2007

Foxfair Edan Of Erin


Darby at Eight Weeks

Well, that is his name, but we call him Darby. This is a snapshot taken in our meadow one week after he won Best Overall in match at the Buckeye Keeshond Specialty Match. I will try and get some better photos of him this week, but he is usually a pretty fast moving target.

His newest trick is he likes to dig out of the puppy yard, and go play with the BIG dogs! He usually gets tumbled but doesn't seem to care. His main objective being to follow his father around and copy everything he does. Andy doesn't seem to mind as long as Darby follows the rules, the first rule being don't jump up on your father!

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Jen_Speer said...

Hi Debbie - I loved reading your blog. Was very exciting to read about the new pups. I am the person Debbie Hodges referred to you. You have a great blog - very fact-filled and I learned a lot about Hi Ho / Foxfair. I am looking forward to speaking with you.