Monday, July 16, 2007

Keeshond Puppies At Five Weeks


This was the weekend of the Grand River and Ashtabula Kennel Club dog shows. It is a beautiful
setting up by Lake Erie. So, Jeannie Buente, who is the co-owner and handler of the Foxfair Keeshonden came to visit and see the puppies!

We had a very nice time playing with the puppies, who now have a new toy. In thier big pen in the yard under the maple tree, we put a nylon crate. They can't do it any harm since Jill kind of took care of that when she chewed the door!

The puppies are eating puppy food now and growing very quickly. One of their favorite toys is a sherpa ball that is very nice for dragging around. They are also getting very photogenic, so we will be taking more pics of them this week.

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percello said...

Dear Debbie: I enjoy my daily visits to your blog and look forward to your informative input. I even save some of your puppy pictures as background for my computer monitor.