Monday, July 30, 2007

Keeshond Puppies



Our puppies are raised on wholistic premium dog food kibble, milk, rice baby cereal, cottage cheese, eggs and mom. Thier treats are wholisitic biscuits with all natural ingredients, no sugar, no dye and no fillers. However, as everyone knows dogs will beg for treats from the table and have sad eyes when you are eating just about anything. It is best to give your puppy treats when they earn them. For sitting for example. You can get your puppy to sit easily by putting the treat over his head and putting your hand under his rear.

Just because you eat something, however, does not mean that it is good for your puppy. There are some things that dogs and puppies should NEVER have. Here is a short list of FORBIDDEN ITEMS, that will make your Keeshond sick, JUST SAY NO TO - CHOCOLATE - this has theobromine in it and a small amount can kill a puppy, NOTHING WITH ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER - like chewing gum with sorbitol or aspartame, or candy with these ingredients. NO RAISINS, GRAPES OR DRIED FRUIT - these things can really poison a dog or play havoc with their intestines. NO GREENIES - NO PIG EARS - NO COW HOOFS - or any other odd item from the pet store. NO COOKED BONES - these will splinter and can damage their intestine. Puppy proof your house and keep your purse and other bags off the floor where puppy can get to them and investigate.


Now you are asking, what can I give my puppy? Well, there are some very nice wholistic treats that are good for their teeth and gums. They can also have baked biscuits like Mother Hubbard dog biscuits, and Iams biscuits in the box. Another nice treat for chewing is a natural bone that is sterilized these are readily available at the pet food store. Their diet should not be supplemented more than 10% with treats or home food additions. Home food can be vegetables like green beans, carrots, cooked meat in small pieces like chicken, or beef, a little rice or cottage cheese is fine, a cooked egg chopped can be added once in a while. No raw eggs as dogs dont digest the albumin well.

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